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Casting, Recording, Production.

(Even Audible Account Creation and Award Submission)

We can do it all. And that’s exactly what we do every day for the industry’s most demanding clients. We’ll find the perfect Storyteller, record them making sure they’re bringing every word to life, edit it to make it sound like a Grammy winner, QC it to make sure it’s perfect and won’t stop until you are thrilled.

Plus we’ll set up your account for you and upload your finished audiobook.

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Over 25 Years' Experience

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50+ Audies

The Best Possible Narrators


The Top of the Market

We function at the top of the market. When the Big 5 Publishers, or the world’s most discerning Independent Authors need their book done right, they hire us. 

Producing audiobooks is an Art, and it’s business. Creativity and Quality Control: without both, your book is either a hot mess, or a sterile job. Excelling at both the art and the science is what has made us The World’s Largest Independent Produce of Audiobooks, and why we keep growing every year.

We don’t cast Narrators. We cast Storytellers. 

Narrators read books. Storytellers bring them to life, reading not just the words in the books, but injecting the emotion, the intention. Storytellers bring the reader into the book.

Barbara RosenblatEdouardo BalleriniJenna LamiaSimon VanceCassandra MorrisDion GrahamGeorge Guidall

The Best Studios for Audiobooks

John Marshall's Studios were designed specifically for Audiobooks from the ground up. Each one designed by John Marshall: he took learned what to do from the best – and what not to do from the worst – to create the audiobook industry's ultimate sound studios.

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